14 Dec 2006

Hacker has Overlocked the processor more than in 10 time

Today I shall try to overlocked the processor more than in 10- time.

Test consists of 3 parts:

1. It is necessary to choose the correct processor. During tests I have established that
the Most suitable for overlocked are U5-386SX (33 MHz).During testing I have spoiled some tens details
For the best heat conduction I have cut the plastic case to reach a kernel of the processor.

2. It is necessary to choose a way of cooling of the processor. For cooling the processor
I shall use Wood's alloy. The matter is that it плавится at temperature of 70-75 degrees Celsius
(158-167Fahrenheit) and a heat-conducting path much more above than at water.

Granules of an alloy of Wood it is placed in a refrigerator.

Further, I have made a bowl from the food foil.

To merge an alloy it is used usual beer jar.

3.The device for management of frequency. Frequency we shall change by zmeans of the generator of frequency connected to computer joystick.
We have got the generator of frequency from the old TV.


We start a computer and it started to pour out gradually granules in our bowl. After it will heat up to a critical condition is poured out it in beer to bank and fallen asleep new granules. Operation lasts 2-3 seconds.OOPS! A few alloy falls on a floor.

The program watches frequency of the processor and temperature.

I could not photograph last result because to do all simultaneously difficultly.

In a photo the program has fixed intermediate result 297Mhz that very well for U5-386SX 33Mhz

The last was result 396Mhz. I have dispersed the processor more than in 10 time. It is a record!

It is translated from a site www.sheppard.ru

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