22 Dec 2006

How to make a very cheap videoprojector from the CRT monitor in 30 minutes

How to make videoprojector and spend 0.00$.

For the beginning we measure the sizes of a forward part of the monitor.

Then, we take a cardboard and on these sizes we make a box in height of 40-50 sm (without a bottom and one side). Now we take a lens and densely we turn a cardboard on its edges, the cylinder should turn out.

Self-made objective

Nom on the bottom of the box precisely on the center we make an aperture of such size that this cylinder could move there. We insert it there and we fix a box on the monitor.

Now all we need to do is to put the monitor on it's place and project the image on a wall
We receive the dimmy and overturned image. But, with this problem it is possible to consult. The decision - ACDSee 7.0.

Push PLAY, turn the correction of autolevels on (for increase in brightness) and we overturn the image on 180 degrees.

As a result we have received a projector almost free of charge.

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