17 Feb 2007

Real Empires Ship

If your average iPod weighs five ounces with packaging, then Apple has moved about 21,875,000 pounds of them, equivalent in weight to 1,325 full-grown male African elephants, 35 times as many as Hannibal’s force. More

Least Patient Kid Everpopup

This kid can't wait a few minutes for his computer to warm up. He's totally freaking out. Calm down kid, internet porn isnt going anywhere.

16 Feb 2007

Ubuntu Vista

A man's father asks him to install Vista on his PC, but he installs Ubuntu Linux instead. His father is none the wiser & thinks his new "Vista" is great. He will eventually find out that his son tricked him. His father may have problems when he tries to install software, but since Ubuntu is coming onboard with Linspire's "Click 'n' Run", he may find it isn't a problem. Here