8 Jan 2007

How to make a Stable Plasmoid

The purpose of this experiment is to maintain a stable plasmoid ( a ball lightning ) at one atmosphere in a spherical glass vessel. This experiment uses a kind of electronic trigger which is the GMR v1.0 ( Graphite Microwave Resonator ) placed in a microwave oven working at 2.45 GHz. A magnetron is compact, has a light weight ( compared to a HV transformer with the same output power ) and it is a high power device. It is able to produce a great amount of power in a small volume most particularly in a plasmoid. A plasmoid is a great source of ions and can be very useful for EHD, MHD and Electrokinetic devices such as the Lifter.... A successful experiment has already been conducted on February 27th, 2002 with a quarter wave antenna made with aluminium. The previous design has been improved and the aluminum antenna has now been replaced by a graphite antenna, this new resonator is now called the GMR ( Graphite Microwave Resonator ). The cloud of carbon emitted by the antenna absorbs the major part the microwave energy. Read more

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