30 Nov 2006

Russians bought Digg.com

Earlier domain Digg.com belonged to Russians. You can easily see it having used WayBack Machine archive that allows you to see how did site looked in the past. From that Digg.com sites pages that preserved in archive you can see that in 2000 and 2001 years site belonged to Russians and presented senseless catalogue.

That is how this site looked like.

Apparently, that same Russians didnt know what to do with this site and that is why they just crammed in many exile on everything from finances till tourism. After that site didnt work for three years that is why there is no records in archive. And than in 2004 Digg.com became American.

Yeah, Russians or drunk away or get lost what ever you give them. They dont know how to work at all. But Americans fine fellows in this question. They just took Russian site and made it popular.

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